Cover Reveal!!! A Witch’s Hearts Desire ~ Darlene Kuncytes

A Witch’s Hearts Desire
by Author Darlene Kuncytes

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Serena St. James is a witch who loves the life that she’s leading. Her potion shop is doing well…she has her independence and a house that she adores. Life is good. How was she to know that it was all about to change in the blink of an eye?
Dante Marx is the Vampire hired to locate the comely witch. But what he finds when he finally tracks her down is much more than he ever could have bargained for. In one single moment, everything changes and what they both believe to be their reality is suddenly blown right out of the water!
Join the two of them as Dante tries to help Serena discover her true path in this world as the sparks fly between them like an electrical storm! And, did I mention that Serena loathes Vampires?
Fun, sexy, exciting! This is a ride you just don’t want to miss! It will grab you by the heart and not let go! Join them as they search for A Witch’s Hearts Desire…




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