The Negative Review.

Author Dahlia Donovan

ebook and books II

I’m a relatively new author.  My debut novel came out in May.  And like every book out in the world, it’s received a negative review or two.

And to be honest, I agreed with some of the points made in those reviews, disagreed with other points.

How did I respond to the reviews?

I didn’t.

It’s not my place to respond to reviews, whether good or bad, aside from a thank you to the bloggers who take the time to post their reviews on their blogs and on social media, even if they don’t like the book.

Maybe it’s because I spent so much time in the insurance world dealing with laws, rules and regulations and having lengthy conversations with attorneys on a daily basis, but the very idea of someone hunting down a reviewer’s personal information sends chills down my spine.  There’s nothing to celebrate there.   Nothing about the…

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